Who we are

Who we are

Pagani Sacco
Ars Pan
Tibiletti Italia

The Company was founded in the early ’60s by the merger of two companies manufacturing machines for the production of breadsticks dedicated to the craft sector. At the end of the ’60s, the company extended its business to the French market with the acquisition of a local company and with the construction of the plant of Bellinzago Novarese, which is the current headquarter.

During the ’70s the Company focused its skills on bakery and industrial pastry facilities, and begun the path that will take it to the current structure, mainly dedicated to the design, engineering, assembly and marketing of machineries, equipments and plants.

Actually, the Company is mainly involved in the construction of complete and automated machines and plants for its reference sector to cover all the production process steps, starting from the make-up lines for forming the dough, air-conditioned proofing technologies up to baking products systems.

Our range of machines and plants includes both all-inclusive solutions and individual components, ready to be integrated into other existing production contexts.

The machines and plants are designed and manufactured on the basis of the specific requests and needs of our customers, depending on volumes, shapes and quantity of the products to best meet their demands.

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Who we are