Product characteristics

The breadstick is one of the most famous and popular products of Turin gastronomy and one of the best known of Italian cuisine abroad.

The success of the breadsticks was particularly rapid, both for the greater digestibility compared to the common bread, and for the possibility of being preserved even for several weeks without any deterioration. The oldest and most traditional form of breadstick is undoubtedly the robatà (pronunciation: rubatà), of different lengths from 15 to 40 cm, easily recognizable for its characteristics.

Other types of breadsticks are the “moulded” one, created by extrusion of the dough through rollers with “wells” (gorges), the “stretched” for the wide, created by a strip of dough elongated up to a few meters in length and, finally, the “stretched” for the long, created by a strip of dough elongated after the leavening process.

Ars Pan Industriale Production Technology

Our equipment for the production of the breadstick includes all the phases of the process:
• Make-up line for breadstick
• Proofer equipment for breadstick
• Baking tunnel oven for breadstick
• Automatisms for line fulfilment

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