Launch of a new Ars Pan Industriale machine: ultrasonic cutting system with weight control

The new ultrasonic cutting system machine grants greater precision in weight control result and allows the cutting of small product pieces in order of a few grams.

Years ago Ars Pan Industriale entered the market with a stress-free divider machine for very soft, hydrated and relaxed dough, with weight control range from 400gr up to 5kg, with an accuracy of about 10 gr.

Following some specific requests coming from our customers, there was the necessity to ameliorate the cutting technology to be more performing, not only for soft and hydrated dough, but also for other types of products such as, for example, cheeses and solid creams. So, we projected a new cutting systems equipped with ultrasonic blades, which had a more flexible and universal use than the classic mechanical blades.

The big advantage of using ultrasonic blades is that there is no contact between the product and the blade and, as a result, we have any sticky negative effects between the product and the blade itself; thus ensuring greater precision in the weight control result and allowing the cut of small pieces in the order of a few grams.

Thanks to the ultrasonic blade system, it is also possible to use less flour in all the conveyors of the cutting groups, with greater hygiene and cleaning of the machine.

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