Make-up line for baguette

Make-up line for baguette

The production process of the baguette provides two different ways:

  • – baguette resulting from round/divider machines, then rested and lengthened in several steps.
  • – baguette resulting from a laminated sheet of dough, then cut and a simple elongation

The two ways differ for the desired final result of a baguette, that could be more or less airy crumbed and, consequently, more or less rustic.

Our baguette machines can have a production range from 600 baguettes/hour up to 6000 baguettes/hour. They manage soft and rested dough with 80% content of water. Our hoppers and lamination systems are stress-free designed and they guarantee an accurate weight.

They can be used in artisan bakeries or combined with full automatic line for large industry.

The other components for production